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Technical Documentation

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TerminoloGit allows to create, edit, and publish terminologies. This includes code systems, value sets as well as concept maps.

Here you can find the technical documentation about TerminoloGit which comprises the following parts:

Current state of development

The following two repositories serve to further develop TerminoloGit.

Project NameRepository URLDescriptionGitLab Project IDGitLab Pages URL
TerminoloGit Devhttps://gitlab.com/elga-gmbh/termgit-devRepository for TerminoloGit technical development.

Note: The contents of the last successful pipeline of any Git branch of this repository are displayed under the specified GitLab Pages URL.
TerminoloGit Dev HTMLhttps://gitlab.com/elga-gmbh/terminologit-dev-htmlRepository for the static HTML pages created by the HL7® FHIR® IG Publisher based on the master branch of https://gitlab.com/elga-gmbh/termgit-dev.28239847https://dev.termgit.elga.gv.at


Thanks for your interest in contributing! In the spirit of the open source idea, the developers would be very happy about a reference to TerminoloGit, the use of this project or subprojects and even more about active participation. There are many ways to contribute to TerminoloGit. Get started with the CONTRIBUTING.html in our Dev-Repo.

Reference Implementations

Austrian e-Health Terminology Server

The first productive implementation of TerminoloGit was the Austrian e-Health terminology server which uses a variety of different terminologies with different structures from different international, national and local sources. This server was set into production in January 2022 and is actively used within the Austrian e-Health domain, especially the Austrian EHR (ELGA - Elektronische Gesundheitsakte). The current terminologies and governance can be found at termgit.elga.gv.at.

TerminoloGit is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later - see the LICENSE.html file for details.


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